Installing Ceramic Tile On A Budget

Cost Cutting Tips

Ceramic tile installation can be a very expensive project, even when you do it yourself. Here are some tips and ideas we hope will save you money:

  • Research your project thoroughly. Anything you do not understand about the tile job you are planning to do must be aggressively investigated. Unknown variables are what cause cost overruns and poor quality installations.
  • Call your local tile distributors. Nearly all have deals on discontinued and overstocked flooring tiles. Sometimes these are are high quality tiles that were ordered for a customer but never picked up.
  • Instead of purchasing a wet saw or tile cutter, consider renting one from a tool rental or from your local home improvement warehouse. Once you are positive you can procure the tool you need, install the full tile in your project, then rent the saw and or cutter and finish your job.
  • Cheap tile cutters can now be purchased for as little as $20 dollars. These will be just fine for a little project. Just be sure to select one that will cut tiles an inch larger than the tile you intend to use.