Replacing A Chipped Or Cracked Tile

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Repairing Damaged Tiles

Use a grout saw to cut completely through grout mortar.Overlap your cut about 1" on all corners.

Using a grout saw, cut through middle of grout joint on all sides of the damaged tile. It is very important that you saw completely through the grout. This will help to relieve the surrounding tiles from the compression forces the damaged tile will receive from the chisel and hammer. Grout in joints an 1/8" in width or smaller can be removed with a razor knife.

Start on weakest corner of tile.The void will be your starting point.

Purchase a masonry chisel with a one to two inch edge. Place chisel at slight angle on weakest corner of tile and tap with hammer until corner breaks free. Remove the corner. This will be your starting point.

Hold chisel tightly and tap with hammer.Repeat process until all of the tile is removed.

Place chisel under lip of tile and tap gently but firmly until tile begins to give. Do not force or you will run the risk of chipping or cracking an adjacent tile. Repeat this process until all tile has been removed.

Soften dried thinset with water.Chisel small amounts of thinset up at a time.

Allow dried thinset to soak in water for about fifteen minutes. This will help soften it up. Using your chisel and hammer break off small chucks of thinset until the slab becomes visible. A razor scraper can be used to scrape the floor clean.

This tile has been completely removed.

This tile has been removed.

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