Ceramic Tile Membranes

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Protective Membranes

Ceramic tile membranes are used to provide protection for ceramic tile installations from problematic substrates and external stresses. The type of membrane needed will depend on the protection required. Many products offer multi-purpose protection.

Once the proper membrane has been selected, it should be installed over any approved floor or wall surfaces that will receive tile and/or where problematic conditions exist. Ceramic tile is then installed directly to the membrane using a manufacturer approved tile adhesive.

Manufacturers have varying methods for mixing and installing their product. These instructions should always be carefully followed. Refer to membrane manufacturer for specific product recommendations and limitations.

Crack Isolation Membrane

Used wherever hairline cracking in substrate occurs. Isolates ceramic tile and stone installations from damaging horizontal movement of underlying cracks, joints, cold joints, expansion joints and saw cut joints in the subfloor.

Anti-Fracture Membrane

Used to minimize minor crack transference caused by substrate movement. Can be used to cover an entire floor or be used over individual cracks that are an 1/8" in width or less.

Waterproofing Membrane

Used to waterproof ceramic tile substrates in wet areas while providing a suitable surface to adhere tile to.

Uncoupling Membrane

Uncouples a ceramic tile or stone floor from the substrate and minimizes the transfer of thermal movement, shrinkage of Portland cement, subfloor deflection, minor crack transference caused by substrate movement, etc., to the tile flooring. More costly than conventional membranes but eliminates the need for crack isolation and anti-fracture membranes. Recommended for installation over problematic substrates.