Cutting Tile With A Ceramic Tile Cutter

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Scoring Tile With A Single Rail Ceramic Tile Cutter

We recommend that you practice a few times with some scrap tile before starting your project. Straight ceramic tile cutters are designed to score fired clay ceramic tiles that have a thin porcelain coating on their surface (glaze). Stone, fully vitrified porcelain tiles, and some types of unglazed clay tiles may not cut properly with this type of cutter. You will need a quality wet saw to make these types of cuts.

Place cut on tray and adjust guide to secure tile.Mark on tile should be aligned with arrow and center rail.

Align the marked tile with the arrow on the tile cutter. Place the guide into position and tighten securely to hold tile in place. You can keep the guide in place if you need to make multiple cuts of the same size.

Press scoring wheel firmly on tile edge.Pull handle back while holding wheel against tile surface.Score tile from edge to edge.

Hold handle firmly and place scoring wheel on outermost edge of tile. Push down slightly and pull the handle towards you until the entire length of the tile has been scored. In other words, the ceramic tile should have an unbroken scratch from one edge to the other.

Push down firmly on top edge of tile to snap.

Pull handle forward to top edge of tile and press down on handle. The tile should break along the scored marking.

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