Ceramic Tile Backsplashes

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Tile Installation Tips & Ideas

Finished ceramic tile backsplash installation

In the above example we installed 6" x 6" ceramic tile with a 4" x 4" epoxy tile diamond pattern (faux metallic) insert. Note that we used 1/4" grout joint spacing. See an expanded picture of how we used tile spacers to accomplish this.

Ceramic tile is centered above stove.

As described in Laying Out Your Countertop & Wall Pattern we centered the ceramic tile over the stove, the focal point of the new backsplash.

Wrap tile inserts around corners for professional results.

Notice that we wrapped the tile insert around the inside corners of the wall. When installing tile inserts make sure to take them into account when you layout your ceramic tile backsplash.

Example showing how ceramic tile and tile insert was cut around electrical receptacles and outlets.Example showing how ceramic tile and tile insert was cut around electrical receptacles and outlets.

Electrical power to all outlets within the backsplash area should be turned off at the main circuit breaker of your home.

Install all tile cuts around light switches and electrical outlets as accurately as possible. Measure and mark the tile cuts according to the actual box that houses the receptacle and wiring.

Photo showing how to finish the edges of a ceramic tile wall installation with mitered bullnose flush caps.

If your ceramic tile backsplash ends in the middle of a wall you can use bullnose flush cap to finish off the squared edges of the tiles. Use a wet saw or tile cutter to miter the flush cap on a 45 degree angle to finish the outside corner.

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