Applying An Organic Mastic Tile Adhesive

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Tile Adhesive Application

Place glob of mastic within center of guide lines to work from.Be careful not to cover guide lines with the tile mastic.

Holding the trowel at a slight angle, press down and away to spread the organic mastic adhesive. The notches of the trowel should lightly scrape the substate as you spread the tile mastic from the edges of the guide lines towards the center of the area you are tiling. Be careful not to cover the guide lines with mastic as you will need to be able to see them as you are installing the ceramic tile.

When all areas are covered with mastic you will have to finish the mastic bed.Trowel off any excess tile mastic and align the mastic bed ridges.

Remember to trowel off any excess tile mastic and align the mastic bed ridges. It is important that the organic mastic adhesive be evenly distributed with the ridges of the mastic bed all following the same direction. For walls, you will want the mastic bed horizontally aligned to the floor. This will help to prevent the tile from sliding down due to the effects of gravity.

Install ceramic tile properly aligned to the guide lines.

Install the tile making sure it is properly aligned to the guide lines. Press on ceramic tile firmly and evenly to properly seat the tile. A mallet or the bottom of a grouting float may also be used to tap the tiles into place.

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